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We provide the ancient method of Fengshui Reading through Passion and Love

Background Canxuange has been in operation since 2006. Master Jason Liew has been learning and practicing the art of Geomancy since the age of 15, bringing with him more than two decades of experience. Starting from giving palm readings to his friends and family when he was a teenager, Master Jason Liew is now a professional who provides a wide-range of Geomancy-related services: • House and building fengshui • Selection of dates for important events (e.g. weddings, house moving, burial) • Selection of names for newborns • Life analysis – advising individuals on possible directions and goals in life based on their eight characters and palmistry • Selection of Burial Ground etc His clients come from all walks of life, from house maker seeking advise on creating peace in family to professional seeking advise on career change. Through his years of practice, Master Jason Liew has come across as someone who is chatty, frank, and more importantly, honest, in delivering his services. Mission To change the current impression of Geomancy as a religious or mystical practice to an art of living with the environment. Vision To provide individuals with a personalized life analysis with a heart.

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